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How to choose golf cart


Have you been thinking about buying your own golf cart for the family? If you are looking to buy your first golf cart, you tend to have some questions that need to be answered. Luckily, in this article, I'll give answers to some of the basic questions that prospective golf cart owners usually ask.

First of all, you'll want to consider is how your golf cart will be powered. There are two types for you to choose, which is a gas running version and an electric running version. Many years ago, maybe you did not want to use electrically powered golfing carts because they could not go quite as fast. However, now the technology used in creating electrically powered cart has advanced and you'll get just as much power from an electric golf cart as you would from a gas powered golf cart. You'll discover that the only real factor is in the power you need to buy to fuel up the vehicle.

The other main difference is the price. Gas golf carts usually cost less than their electric counterparts. However, many states will give you big tax credits for purchasing an electric golf cart. Another difference is that electric carts can be charged up using solar panels. I'm a bit biased towards electric carts, but both are very fun to use.

After you decide the key motor way to power your golfing cart, you'll need to think about what size would best suit you. Are you going to drive it yourself lonely? When you are just searching to move yourself and maybe one friend around, you won't need a very large cart to get around in. You'll still be able to get some gear into the back of it, but you won't be able to carry around more than one person. But for a family, the four seats golf cart is better.

Electric golf carts come with a wide range of accessory options. Once you've decided on all of these options, you can move onto picking out accessories for personalizing your cart. This should be almost as fun as actually getting and using the cart. You can choose between air conditioners, horns, radios, heater, global positioning systems, and many other devices that make life easier. Just keep in mind that these items will drain your fuel quicker so only pick ones you really want.