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Insurance for electric vehicle


With the increase in popularity of electric vehicle, many electric vehicle owners are concerned their ride be being adequately protected by insurance in the event of damage or injury.

As explained in the featured video, many home insurance policies will cover damage to your electric vehicle or liability for damage caused by your cart. But usually only when used on your own property or when your cart is used on the golf course. If you live in a special gated community that allows the use of electric vehicle on its roads, then many policies will cover your cart.

However, when using a street legal electric vehicle on public roads a home insurance policy will not cover your cart, and separate policy will be required. Indeed, many cities and local municipalities that allow street legal electric vehicle on their roads will require the cart to be registered and fully insured before a license plate is issued.

With some high-end electric vehicle costing tens of thousands of dollars it may be worth checking to make sure that your home insurance policy will cover the full replacement costs of your cart. Along with increased popularity of electric vehicle, there's always the increase in thefts and accidents which can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and compensation.