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Engine for electric golf cart


Electric golf cart engines and custom upgrade parts can be purchased and installed on a electric golf cart to improve engine performance. electric golf cart engines and upgrade parts will improve off the line acceleration and gas pedal response. Gear ratios can be changed to increase top speed and LSD will improve corner handling,especially on loose or wet surfaces.

Hi-performance electric golf cart engines and upgrade parts for electric golf carts are available for any of the popular electric golf cart manufacturers, and can be fitted by the home mechanic or professionally atyour local shop.

Many owners decide to perform a electric golf cart engine swap for a larger capacity unit that develops more power. This is the most straightforward option, but brand new or reconditioned high performance electric golf cart engines can be quite expensive to buy and install.

With all petrol electric golf cart engines, the simplest way to improve power and torque is to increase the amount of fuel and air that goes into the combustion chamber with the use of high performance electric golf cart engine upgrades. Replacing the standard air filter with a performance electric golf cart air filter will allow a lot more air to enter the engine chamber. Combined with a replacement high flow electric golf cart fuel pump and filter, these modified parts will give an instant and noticeable increase in power.

For gas electric golf cart engines, advancing the ignition timing can also increase the horsepower. Upgrading the engine valve springs will increase the maximum RPMs that your electric golf cart engines can safely spin at, thus increasing power and top speed.

While there are two electric golf cart engines – gas and electric, many people are turning to the electric powered vehicles is because of the environment. The reason these electric golf cart engines have improved so much over the years is in the battery technology that is being used now. Electric vehicles use a whole bank of batteries which add up to substantial power levels. The normal volt level today is about 48 but you can find models that go as high as 72 volts. The amount of time that they can be driven normally gets up to as much as 30 miles and they can have speeds up to 25 mph with no problem.

The disadvantage of these types of electric golf cart engines is the recharge time needed to get them back to full power. For the most part, you are looking at 6-8 hours minimum, with overnight charging.This makes the gas electric golf cart engines ideal for, hunting, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Often these customers prefer to have access to fuel which is not possible with electric vehicles used in these setting. In other words, you cannot plug into an outlet when you are in the middle of the woods. You can, however, have a gas can onboard. Most are powered by 4-stroke electric golf cart engines.